When a Project Ends

As freelancers, we’re usually sad to see a project end. This is especially true if it is one that we have enjoyed and our client has been fantastic. This recently happened to me. My very first paying client and I have finished the first project we set out to do a couple months ago. While my relationship with the client is still going strong (we are working on a new project right now), it is still a bit sad to say that part of the project is over for now. I think we will be doing more in the new year because we both have some great ideas.

I am still learning some of the ropes of the freelance career but, ┬áit’s wonderful to be working with a great client and writing about something I love. When the new project comes along, I will be ready for it!

What do you all do when a project comes to an end? Do you mourn it for a while or do you say “wow, that was great/wow, I’m glad it’s over” and move on. Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Freelancing!



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