Finding your Freelance Balance

Some of us freelancers have other jobs besides our writing/virtual assistant careers. I am one of those people. I work in the mortgage department of a local credit union and honestly, I love my job. The people I work with are fantastic, my boss is wonderful, and I get to challenge myself every day. All that being said, there are some instances where balancing your freelance career and your office job can become a bit difficult. Let me share the rest of my story and you will see what I mean.

As I stated a moment ago, I work in a bank. That means 8-9 hours a day of staring at a computer screen full of numbers, endless printed reports that you need a darn magnifying glass to read, oh and handling all kinds of crazy stuff as it comes across my desk. I am getting tired just writing about it! This usually means that by the time I leave at 5 PM each day I am not exactly wanting to jump on my laptop at home and starting writing or pitching for new jobs.  There have been nights where I have not even turned my home computer on for that exact reason. Shocking, I know!

What my point here is that I learned quickly as I began my freelance journey that I need to find the balance between both careers. At least for now. If that means taking a night off to recharge, so be it. If that means bucking up and doing pitches or writing a new blog entry for my site, I do that too. The core point here is keeping the balance between the two. It is not easy.

Here is where it can get even more interesting. Deadlines are a large part of a freelancer’s world. We have deadlines with clients all the time. It is managing those deadlines against our fatigue that can make this balancing act all the more difficult. Thankfully, more clients are going to be understanding if they know you also work another job to pay the bills. This does not mean you should neglect the client until the deadline comes looming and then e-mail them saying you cannot make the deadline. Heavens no, do not do that! E-mail them a couple days ahead of time to check in. If the deadline is firm, and sometimes it will be, just buckle down and do the assignment. After it is done, let the client know if you need to take a couple days off to recharge. As I said, most clients will be understanding. Let them know you are trying to keep a balance between two careers. Just do this at the start of the relationship and not halfway through.

For those who have other careers besides their freelance work, how do you keep your balance? Let me know in the comments below!

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