Building Up your Business

Building your Business

Building up your Business is something we should all strive for. When I started my business last year I had no idea where to start. I just knew I could offer some things to writers and other small business owners. I saw some growth in 2015 but, the truth is, I want to see more in 2016. When I think about ways I/we can all build up my/our business(es), there are a few things that come to mind.

Tips for Building Up Your Business

  • Always be Marketing
    • I got this gem from Gina Horkey of Horkey Handbook. She is fantastic and it’s true every day. What this means is use your social media and contacts to build up your business. Find creative ways to market yourself to potential clients. Give them a business card or something with your contact info on it.
  • Use your LinkedIn Profile to pitch to clients.
    • This is simple to say but not always easy. There will be those who do not want to work with you just yet. Don’t give up. Some say contact me later. If the potential client says that, do it. You never know what persistence will bring.
  • Build your Website
    • This sounds like a no-brainer but it is something I highly recommend. You can do a simple “hire me” page with your services if you want but I say try and get a website together. I had a Wix website for a period of time and it worked for a little while. However, if you want to be taken seriously, invest a small amount of money on hosting and get your own .com website. It will go far in building up your business. My website  is set up with WordPress and I use SiteGround for my hosting. I have a link to SiteGround on my Resources and Affiliates page if you want to know more.
  • Fight the Negative Thoughts
    • We all have negative thoughts about ourselves and our business from time to time. Get rid of them! Toss them out the door. They have no place in a thriving and growing business. Replace all those negative thoughts with uplifting thoughts and actions. Put your energy into those things and you will build up your business quickly.
  • Put Yourself First
    • Yes, you’re running a business. That does not mean you shouldn’t put yourself first. If you have things come up that cannot be avoided, take the time and deal with them. You can always come back to your business building the next day. Run your business. Don’t let your business run you or you will run yourself and your business into the floor.
  • Grow/Rely on Your Support System
    • If you don’t already have a support system, start building one. Find like minded people like I did who will support your dreams and vision. Make sure if you do have a support system, they understand that you’re building your business. Ask them to support you via social media, being there when you need an ear, or to simply get you through a tough time in your business.

Building up your Business is something you should always be thinking about. You should brainstorm ways to do it while also remembering that your business is a part of who you are. Put the effort into building it up and it will reward you with success!

3 thoughts on “Building Up your Business”

  1. Great post, Rob. Simple and to the point. I’m especially on board with the support system. I’ve learned that both writers and freelancers can be a wonderful support system because they actually get that there is enough work to go around and don’t get into the insane game playing and cut throat practices found in so many businesses. I’m looking forward to working with you and cheering you on this year.

    • Thank you, Sheri! I am so pumped for the new year and doing amazing things with my business. There is so much work to go around that the cut-throat stuff is not even needed in freelancing. Just pitch and the best person for the job will get it.

      I look forward to working and cheering you on too. We will kick so much butt this year.

  2. I enjoy good reading material like this. It made me think and ponder on many things during the reading. I had to reread a couple of lines because I got so enrgssoed in this article.

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