Slow Downs-How to Handle Them

Slow downs are bound to happen for any freelancer. It is in these times that we need to remember how to go back to the basics of what made us want to do this great work, to begin with. For me, slow-downs mean looking at what my business can do to grow and improve. With the new year approaching, it will be a goal of mine to grow my business in 2017.

This past year has been full of ups and downs for me and my business. I started the year with a couple of clients, unfortunately, throughout the year, things happened that were not entirely in my control. Experiencing personal setbacks that made keeping my business afloat was also a theme for this year. I did not once consider abandoning my business but I did decide to take a break for a while. Giving up on something I feel strongly that I am good at was simply not an option. It takes a special person to look at slow downs and how to work with them.

I often speak of my roommate who is also a freelancer. He gives me great advice and is an inspiration. He kept me from giving up on something I still feel passionate about. Clients came and clients went this year and sometimes I think that made things more difficult for me. As my good friend says, “the wheel turns”. This is true of freelancing as well. The new year will be one of great change and growth. So for the new year, my goals are below:


  1. To pitch at least 5 times a week
  2. Work on gaining one new client a quarter
  3. Continue to balance my work and freelance life with everything else
  4. Remember I started this journey for a reason
  5. Above all, take each slow down or setback as a way to grow

Keep this in mind, my freelance friends, when you get slow downs in your business, use them to your advantage. Grow and learn from them the best way you know how and don’t give up!

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