I’m starting to re-learn that networking is a great skill to have, especially when you’re trying to revitalize your business like I’m trying to do. The question I asked myself before I wrote this post was, “how do you network?” I realized I had a few clients and other people I could go right to in my email box!

What if you don’t have anyone quite yet, though? This question is one that the newest of freelancers (writing, VA, etc) will have to grapple with. Well, start networking on social media. Use Facebook, Twitter, heck even Instagram to get yourself going. Talk to your friends and family. Talk to co-workers at the office. One of the best ways to network is to look around at your current job.

When you look at the plethora of people around you as a freelancer, you realize quickly you’re going to have a lot of people. I think it’s time for a quick story:

A few months back, my business started to dry up. I had not done anything about it until a few moments ago when I remembered I had a great network of past clients and social media contacts to draw from!  I looked at my Gmail inbox and said, “let me reach out” which is when my fingers started doing the talking.

Networking can be tough at times but it is a skill I am glad I am remembering how to use. Something may come from it, something may not.The point is that I’m remembering some of the basics again.

Steps to Networking:

  1. Look at your contacts
  2. Figure out why you want to reach out
  3. Look at what you can offer perspective clients
  4. Reach out!

For other great ideas go to one of my favorite websites Horkey Handbook! Gina has some wonderful things on her website from basics to networking!

Enough reading about networking, get out there, send those emails and you WILL start to get some work for your business! Good luck 🙂


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