Patience. It is not a word many freelancers want to hear but it is something we should all have.

I have had to learn the value of patience as of late. There were some times recently that I was not sure my business was going to survive. Things with clients started to change which happens from time to time. That is not what concerned me. What did was that I was having a hard time rebuilding what I thought I was losing. Well, patience has paid off.

It was because of my tenacious nature along with the patience I have developed that I have not one but TWO opportunities coming my way! I saw one opportunity on Facebook yesterday and a former client contacted me yesterday with another possible project. I feel bad but I did not get back to the former client until 24 hours later but I hope that is not going to be an issue because I enjoy working with her.

Needless to say, I have a new way of looking at things right now. I am excited again about what is next for my business! I have learned the value of not just patience, but also the value of keeping your network alive and well. For more on that, check out my last entry on the subject of networking.

Call to Action:

I am leaving this entry with a call to action. When you think your business may be floundering, just remember to have patience and network like crazy. You never know what will happen!

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