Freelancers never want to hear the word no. It sucks! I had an experience this week when I pitched to a new client. I had a great opportunity that came into my inbox. When I pitched, I did so because I figured why not? I got myself in too deep with the project starting with the pitch. A valuable lesson was learned. I want to share that lesson with you all.

I did my best to avoid rejection, however, it happened. We all do our best to avoid rejection, but sometimes it’s inevitable. The potential client was amazing. I was excited to work with her. I always operate under the guise of “I have nothing to lose” and this was the case here. The rejection came pretty quickly but I was strangely okay with it. The content was way above my head and I knew that going into the project.

So how do you handle rejection? Let me share a few nuggets of wisdom:

  1. It’s not your fault
  2. Sometimes it’s just not a good fit
  3. You’re still a great freelancer!

I know this all sounds trite, but it’s true! When my email dinged with the rejection, I knew what it was. It takes a thick skin in the freelance business. I learned that again this week. You can do one of two things when this happens, cry about it or grow from it and move to the next client possibility. I chose the later. This does not mean I didn’t respond to the email. I did. I sent a thank you email and asked them to keep me in mind for other projects which they said they would do! The point is, I made a new contact.

When a freelancer gets a rejection, it is okay. In fact, it is to be expected from time to time. The key is to look at the rejection as another opportunity to grow.

In short, take the rejections you get as a freelancer with a grain of salt. Learn from them. Most of all, remember that you’re still a great writer or freelance VA. Dust yourself off and move to the next opportunity!

To conclude I’m going to give you a call to action. Next time you get a rejection, thank the potential client for the opportunity and ask for them to keep you in mind for other things. It can help grow your business!

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