Transcription is AMAZING!

Transcription is amazing!

I just found out about this amazing freelance opportunity while puttering around Pinterest. I was pinning one day and had been looking for additional things I could offer as a freelancer. Transcription was at the top of the list!

But Rob, what do you mean by transcription? What does a transcriptionist do? I’ve gotten these questions and much more since I told my Facebook friends and others about this amazing work from home option. I will break it down for you!


Transcription at a Glance

  1. So, what do I do as a transcriptionist?
    • I basically transcribe (duh) audio and video files for clients so they can use them in the future.
  2. What is the pay?
    • That’s a tricky one because it depends on what company you decide to work with as well as the client. Some clients pay more than others. You can expect to make from .05 cents per audio minute (not the same as a working minute) up to .65 cents per audio minute. I am currently working with and make about .40 per audio minute.
  3. How do they pay you?
    • Most companies pay either on a weekly or biweekly basis via Paypal. It is easiest for them and they have no need for your bank information. It is the securest way to get paid and many companies like it.
  4. Can  I really make a living at this?
    • The honest answer is yes. There is a caveat here. If you can get enough work and have other freelance work to back you up, you can add this to your income stream. Most files do not take long and depending on how quickly you type, you can make some great extra cash.
  5. How do I start?
    • The best place to start is Google. Just type in Transcription jobs or something like it. Here’s a link to an article on where to find jobs.
    • I do suggest because you get paid each week and can pick your projects. You do have to apply and pass a transcription test. If you don’t pass the first time, you can retake it in 45 days. Full disclosure, I didn’t pass the first time but did the second time. I even got my first payment last week. Granted it was only a few bucks because I did two short files but they paid me!

Well, time to end this post. I highly suggest transcription because it’s fun, you can pick your projects 99% of the time and expand your skills all at once! Take a look around the web and find out if it works for you! Good luck 🙂



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