When a Project Ends

As freelancers, we’re usually sad to see a project end. This is especially true if it is one that we have enjoyed and our client has been fantastic. This recently happened to me. My very first paying client and I have finished the first project we set out to do a couple months ago. While my relationship with the client is still going strong (we are working on a new project right now), it is still a bit sad to say that part of the project is over for now. I think we will be doing more in the new year because we both have some great ideas.

I am still learning some of the ropes of the freelance career but, ¬†it’s wonderful to be working with a great client and writing about something I love. When the new project comes along, I will be ready for it!

What do you all do when a project comes to an end? Do you mourn it for a while or do you say “wow, that was great/wow, I’m glad it’s over” and move on. Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Freelancing!



Putting Yourself Out There

Another great lesson I’ve learned as a freelancer is to not be afraid to put yourself out there. When I started this journey, it was scary and unknown. That is part of what made it all the more exciting! Looking back on what I have been able to accomplish in a relatively short period of time, I am even more excited to see where I can go.

I encourage all freelancers to put themselves out there. It can be pitching to clients, working on your website, or just building your brand even more. These are all parts of the whole picture. It’s not just about one thing over the other. It is about the package that you deliver to your current and prospective clients. When I look at what I can do on a daily basis, I get a smile on my face and it drives me to be even better. It also drives me to work harder at putting myself out to the masses. You never know what that one email or Twitter message could do for you.

To finish this up, I want to encourage you all to put yourselves out there every day. You are the rep for your brand, for your business. So go out there and make it happen!

Client Relations: An Important Aspect to a Successful Career

When I started my freelance career I realized something very important. The relationship I have with my clients is of the utmost importance. They are not just my clients. We are partners in a business relationship. What this means for me and that client is that communication must be open and honest. If a client is not happy with my work for some reason I want them to tell me so I can fix it. If something is not working from my side of the aisle, I want to be able to tell them.

The relationship I build with my clients is one of mutual respect and understanding. It is important to me that from the beginning we all know the expectations and needs put forth in the contract. Clients are your bread and butter. They can often help you pay your bills so keeping that relationship positive for both of you is so important.

You may be asking yourself how to do that. Let me share a couple of ways. I already said open communication. That is true. Another way to keep it positive it to give the air of positivity in your communications, even if they are not always positive. That is important. Try not to focus on anything negative. If something comes up, acknowledge it, fix it, and move on.

Another way to keep the relationship positive is to be a fanatic about response time. If you can, get back to your client within 12 hours. If you cannot do 12 hours, do not let a reply go unsent over 24 hours. It’s just unprofessional.

I do not want to bore you with a ton of examples so I will leave you with this final thought. In order to keep your relationship with your client positive and hopefully ongoing, don’t think of them as just a client. Think of them as a new friend (at least in your own mind) and remember to keep it professional. You will get to learn their communication style quickly, trust me. Use what you learn to build that relationship to its fullest. You will both reap the rewards!

Motivation in Your Freelance Career: A Key Ingredient to Success


MotivationMotivation in your freelance career is one of the key things when you are a freelance writer. As a freelancer, you are essentially your own boss. You set your own hours, can essentially pick your own clients, and have a wonderful freedom that cannot be given at a traditional office job.

This is where the motivation part of freelancing comes in. I am going to give you all a scenario. I am working with my first paying client and she is fantastic! I enjoy collaborating with her and sharing my passion for the subject of Essential Oils and Alternative Medicine. All that being said, there are times when things are insane at my office job (yes, I am only doing my freelance work part time right now but I hope that will change) so I am not always up for working on my articles every night. Sometimes I am mentally exhausted all week and trying to write when you are exhausted just does not happen. Could you say it was a lack of motivation? The simple answer is, yes.

The key is to sit and write! Once I sit down with my laptop, open it up and begin writing. It makes doing the research that I need to do all the more enjoyable. Why? Because I have the motivation to do the work that I have a passion for. It is truly amazing what can happen when you want to do the work you are assigned or pitching as a freelance writer. I find the best motivation comes when I want to share my passion and knowledge with others.

Another huge motivation for me is my roommate. He is also a freelance writer (full time) and is extremely talented at what he does. We have different niches, but we support each other every day. I always like hearing what he is doing and what his next piece is going to be about. He understands how tough it is and has been so encouraging to me. He does not do virtual assisting at this time, but he works very hard. This has given me, even more, motivation to succeed.

Motivation is a key ingredient to the freelancing profession. If you are not motivated to write or be a virtual assistant, you will not be successful. In fact, if you are not motivated to succeed you will not. I know that sounds a bit harsh, but that is one of the many things I have learned since I have begun my career as a freelance writer and virtual assistant.

I hope this is helpful to my fellow freelancers to find the motivation in your freelance career.

To your/our success!