Beginning the Transition


Beginning the transition to full-time freelance work has been on my mind for a long time. Today at my office job I had an epiphany! When I looked at what I was dealing with each day at my current job, I realized I wasn’t as happy as I am when I’m freelancing.

I’ve made mistakes in the past as a freelancer, we all have but I learned from those mistakes (which were all on me) and am striving to work harder than ever. The best thing about starting the transition now is that I have a small list of current and former clients that I can reach out to thanks to my networking skills. I also just took a new class and will be offering a new service to my clients very soon. It was after taking this class that I found a renewed passion for what I do and I decided to begin pushing myself even more.

To start the transition, I’ve decided to start this weekend by reaching out to new and prospective clients. It’s imperative to get my name back out in the community, begin working again so I can bring in the income needed to sustain myself and pay my bills. It goes beyond that for me, though. I feel truly happy when I’m freelancing and working for myself. There is something freeing about making your own hours, being able to work wherever you’d like, and taking control of your career!

Beginning the transition will be a fun and scary process but I’m ready for it. I know deep down that it will be the best thing for me and those I care about. I want to end my day on a high note as often as possible so my partner and I can just enjoy each other’s company without the added stress. Here is to working hard and succeeding with my transition to freelancing full-time!

Hard Work Pays Off

Hard work pays off. That’s right. When you work hard, put yourself out there and you follow up, you can get clients!

My story for this week follows this formula. What formula is that you may be asking? Let me share it.

My Formula

  1. Get a referral from a network colleague
  2. Reach out to the potential client
  3. Set up a meeting with the client
  4. Ace the meeting
  5. Make a great impression
  6. Follow up if need be
  7. Let them get back to you and say they want to hire you!

Yup, it’s not exactly easy or simple but it works. I am speaking from experience this past week. I had an interview with a potential client about a week ago. It went really well and I waited patiently for the client to get back to me. It was not easy, trust me. I wanted to know if I could count this new company as a client. I was excited to get going and do something new and fun. It’s a combo job of both writing and VA work. Well, this week I received an email that my rates were reasonable and that they want to bring me on board. I have another call with the owner this weekend and I am supposed to start on Monday. In short:

Hard work pays off!

When I think about how my business takes some of my time each day, it makes me smile. That means I’m doing something right. There are companies and people out there interested in the work I produce. That is not to say I’m going to abandon those who gave me my first chances. Just the opposite. I want to show not just loyalty to those who gave me my first shots in both VA and writing for pay, but also remember where I started my business, which was from nothing. That’s right. I put up the money for my website, thought of my business name, and worked my butt off to get new clients. I push myself every day to succeed and that is how hard work is paying off for me!

If you want to learn more about my experience as a writer and VA, please look at the website, or check me out on LinkedIn.


Slow Week in Freelancing World



This week has been a slow week for me in the freelancing world.  The holidays are finally over but the result is the same. I’m starting a new VA job soon. I am hoping to get some new pitches out but it’s been a long and slow week.

The best and worst thing about being a freelancer is the slow times. It’s nice to have some breathing room but let’s be honest, a slow time means less in the wallet. I guess it can be seen as a happy medium. Once the new year really picks up, I think it will see me doing great things with my career.

As I look forward to this month, I am excited for what’s coming and also for what has not been given yet. I will be taking the full range of this time. As I start pitching in the new year, I know I will get more jobs because as I have said many times, there are many jobs out there. I plan to take 2016 by the horns after this week is over.

How to Rev Up a Slow Week

  • Have a list of prospects to pitch to
  • Network with your contacts
  • Brainstorm some ideas
  • Write, write, write
  • Work with new and existing clients

Well, that about does it for this week. What are you all working on this week? Is is slow for my other freelancers out there? Let me know in the comments!


Living the Dream

Live Your Dreams

Living the dream is just one part of being a freelancer. I find it’s one of the best parts. I have always dreamed of being a writer and that is where my freelance career started. I pitched to a few people and got picked up by two of them to create content and share my experience and expertise with regards to my niche markets. What do I mean about living your dream? That is a difficult question to answer, but let me share what it means to me.

For my purposes, living the dream as a freelancer is about following that dream. Do you want to write about things you’re passionate about? Do you dream of quitting your job one day to write full time? I know I do. That’s what I mean when I say living the dream.

What other dreams do you have with regards to your freelance career? Here are a few of mine:

What Living the Dream Looks Like for Me

  • Eventually, quit my job as an office employee
  • Be making enough money to not just survive, but to thrive
  • To pay off my student loans, in full within the next 7.5 years
  • To build a portfolio that I can be proud of showing my potential clients
  • Look at my financial statistics each month and be happy with what I see
  • Not to live paycheck to paycheck.

As you can see, a lot of my dreams center around the financial. That’s because if you do this correctly, you can gain financial independence no matter what that means for you. Each person will have a different list than I do. That is part of what makes each freelancer different and unique. Sometimes those goals will overlap. That’s okay too. I love to see my goals overlap with someone else’s. Do you want to know why? It gives both parties some support and accountability. That’s right, I said the “A” word. It is another part of living your dream. You need to be accountable for your goals and expectations of yourself. If you have someone who is honest with you, both good and bad, you will be more successful and find it easier to live the dream.

I leave you with this lyric from the Julia Stiles movie “Save the Last Dance” which is one of my favorite movies. “Live your dreams; it’s not as hard as it may seem.” I think it sums this topic up quite nicely:)

Go forth and live the dream!