Here is what my clients have to say about my work!

“Having met Rob online, I have found his professional attitude and attention to detail to be excellent. He comes across as easy going and is really great to chat with via email so you’ll have no problems with communications as a client. Rob is really keen to ensure that his clients receive top quality results and I think he will be a great fit for contemporary companies looking for a good quality writer.“–Miriam Miles Editor/ Owner of Redline Publishing.com

“Rob has been an absolute pleasure to work with. He’s able to understand exactly what I need and puts in 100% effort to produce his best work, every time. If there’s ever anything that’s not quite right, he responds to feedback very well and takes the time to tweak it to fit my audience perfectly. He’s a valuable member of my team!”  Yolanda Smith/Owner of MedicineHow.com

“I run a business and I wanted to grow my blog, but I didn’t have a lot of time to invest in blog networking and leaving comments. Working with Robert has made it easier to create links back to my site without having to invest hours of my time doing so. Robert’s hourly rate that matches the investment I can make into this site, and he’s very friendly and helpful. He also showed me early on that he was able to take initiative, be on time, and take feedback very well. I feel I can trust him to always be polite and thoughtful when representing my blog online, and it has been a pleasure working with him so far!” Sarah Greesonbach/Owner of FiveFigureWriter.com

“Rob is very knowledgeable about writing & blogging. I had him do work for my Pinterest account, creating graphics to link back to my blog. He was very open to critique and really proved to be a great help to me in taking over some tasks I wasn’t looking forward to doing to get my account optimized. Now I can start monetizing my blog! Thanks, Rob, for streamlining my work and giving me more time back in my day!”- Rachael Goodge of Doty Media Designs

“Rob was a pleasure to work with! He created graphics that made my vision come to life with ease. Definitely, recommend him for your graphic design and virtual assistant needs!“-Victoria Elizabeth Stanton/Graphic Design client

“Thank you, Rob, for my Business card and flyer. I highly recommend you to my clients, friends, and family. You are such a great person to deal with and I wish you all the best.” -Joanne Rowe/Graphic Design Client

I was a little bit overwhelmed when searching for Pinterest groups to join, so I asked Rob to compile a list for me. I gave him a quick rundown of my business and what I was looking for in the groups. He completely ran with it and compiled a great list for me. It was such a weight lifted off of my back because I knew it needed to be done, but I just wasn’t making the time for it. Rob was able to make the whole process run smoothly. He was personable, picked up on what I needed quickly, and delivered a product that I am very happy with. Amanda Walls-Owner Amanda Leigh VA