Work with Me!

Do you need someone to do all your writing and proofreading needs? That’s my passion! Let me help you create amazing, relevant content for your blog or proofread your manuscript or blog so it looks the absolute best it can be! I also do the research for you too!

Need transcription services for your videos or interviews? I can do that too! Take a look and let me help you gain customers and clients! I specialize in both B2C and B2B content writing as well as alternative health and wellness!

My Services 

1. Research $25.00/Hr

I do the research for your articles and content so you don’t have to! Give me your most complicated assignments and I can get them done in half the time! Quality sources and no Wikipedia….ever!

2. Single Blog Posts $50.00/Post

This rate is for each post up to 500 words. If the post is longer than that, there’s an additional charge of .07 cents per word and billed accordingly. One additional edit is included at no cost.

3. Blog Management $125/week 5 hours/week

I will help you create content, repurpose/update old content and moderate comments on your blog each month. If you like me to ghostwrite the content, I can do that too!

4. Proofreading $25/10 Pages or $5/per Blog Post

I will proofread your physical manuscript pages for errors, flow, and grammar while cleaning up the document and preparing it for publication. I will also do the same if you have a blog that you keep and need another eye to make sure it looks great for your readers!